the act of meeting new people in a business or social context.

Have you ever attended an event – business or social – where you just relax, meet people, have conversation, and maybe enjoy a few laughs? And then, maybe, a few days or weeks later you reconnect with someone you met at that event? Maybe you really enjoyed the time together and learned that you had a lot of things in common. Now it seems that you are building a relationship, either business or personal, and both you and the other person are benefitting from it.

Networking! That’s what happened at the event and then as a follow-up. Networking. The best kind of networking is when there is no particular end game in mind. Just meeting people and having good conversation, learning if you have anything in common.

Networking is so important to business that we set up a networking platform on our website to help you meet people and develop mutually beneficial relationships. You could just become good friends, or maybe even business partners!

Our networking platform is set up so you can connect with others and carry on one-on-one or maybe group conversations to help you ask and answer questions, all the while learning in the process. Offer some ideas, ask some questions, answer a few questions. Maybe join a Group or follow a particular Forum that interests you.

There are also some free courses available to our Networking Members and more coming. Start with the Basic Accounting for Business coming on July 31. You’ll also be automatically included in our Networking Member mailing list to receive notices when additional courses become available.

First three months are free and then only $7/month – no contracts, no long-term commitment!

So what are you waiting for? Become a Networking Member NOW!

First three months are free and then only $7/month – no contracts, no long-term commitment!

The Networking Membership Includes

  • Access to the Networking Platform where you will connect with like-minded investors
  • Ability to ask questions of the community for resources in your local area
  • Engage in conversation on any Forum or Group that interests you
  • Ask us (the website developers) any questions about how we invest in real estate and how we run our businesses.
  • Find private lenders
  • Find attorneys, Realtors, CPAs, engineers, and other professionals