Front Desk

Front Desk Training

Using a Front Desk to Help you run your Short-Term Rental Business

I am John Gerstenlauer, and I created the Mastery of Short-Term Rentals course. In that course I include some basic info about the Front Desk and what the Front Desk person will do for you. So, because of popular demand, I have also created the Front Desk Training Course to help you train someone to help you run your business.

Your Front Desk will take care of the day-to-day oversight of your short-term rentals. 

After you’ve completed the Mastery of Short-Term Rentals course, and you’ve gotten a few of your own rentals up and running, you’ll want some help training your Front Desk person. This course is all you’ll need to do just that.

In This Course You’re Team Will Learn the Six Simple Tasks of the Front Desk

  • Provide Guest Help using the AirBnB Messaging Function – Guests may have questions about the property, using the appliances, or area attractions
  • Remote Control – be able to turn devices on and off; control heat or A/C; change lock combinations; etc.
  • Cleaning – coordinate and confirm that cleaning has been done between guest visits
  • Coordinate any Maintenance Issues with handyman or maintenance crews
  • Do Guest Reviews after guess check out and you receive a report from the cleaning crew
  • Maximize Occupancy by offering additional discounted days to current guests or discounting the day rate for vacant days as directed by your supervisor