Cool Apps

Here are a few cool apps that we use or have been recommended by others whom we trust. We will continue to add to this list as time moves on. If any of them seem to fit your needs, give them a try!

MileIQ – (annual subscription, but it’s worth it) app on your smart phone tracks your driving and you categorize trips as “business” or “personal”. This helps you to prepare business expense reports so you can be reimbursed for your business driving at the Federal Government approved rate. Great way to legally be paid for driving expenses as a tax deduction from your business.

onXHunt – (annual subscription, may be useful to some investors) this is actually an app for hunters to know who owns land they want to hunt on so they can ask the owner permission to hunt there. I (John) find it to be a useful app to find owner info and also to see property lines, elevations, slopes, etc. May be useful for you, too.

SimpleCrew – (subscription based) this app is designed to monitor street teams such as your sign team (ants). The app creates a map of where your team put signs.

PinBox – (one-time payment) this app is similar to, but not as robust as SimpleCrew. You can use it to track where you placed signs for your bandit sign marketing campaign.

Recorder Plus – (one-time purchase) this app is one option for loading on your iPad to record calls in speaker phone mode on your smart phone.

Measure – (free) this is a pretty good app that you can use to take measurements, especially if you are doing renovations and you forgot your measuring tape!

DropBox – free – must have a DropBox account, free at 5 GB) this is an app that lets you access all your important business (and personal) files in your DropBox. Someday soon you will want to have great documentation of all transactions, etc., and DropBox is a great place to store all this info. You will be able to access all your electronic files from any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Dashlane – (annual subscription based) this app encrypts and stores and synchronizes all your passwords and personal info across all devices, It helps you create very complicated passwords for each account and supports easy auto login from your devices if you want.

Google Earth – (free) amazing ability to zoom in to anywhere in the world. I’ve even seen some of the projects, in detail, we constructed in Afghanistan and Iraq! You can use this to see properties you are interested in as well as get a feel for the neighborhoods.

Venmo – (free) use this app to pay your ants, handymen, and others quickly by direct deposit to their account and immediate withdrawal from your account.

CamScanner – (free) scan documents using your smart phone or tablet camera and immediately turn the scanned image into a pdf file, and then email it.

HomeSnap – (free) take a picture of a house and this app tells you information about it instantly.

CPlus for Craigslist – (one-time purchase) Search for daily classifieds on FSBOs. Not only can you search for all types of classified ads but you can also search multiple cities at a time from your mobile. Search alerts will make sure you catch up with latest ads in real time.