Bandit Signs

We like to use for the signs and for the wire H frames.

If you just want blank sign material to hand write your own signs (sometimes not a bad idea) you can just go to Home Depot or an arts and crafts store like Hobby Lobby to get the material. We’ve bought blank sign material from amazon. Here is what we’ve bought before.

Sometimes the hand written signs can grab someone’s attention better.

Here are a few links to bandit signs that we like. We still use bandit signs today!

Formal Bandit Sign
Handwritten Look Bandit Sign
Pretty House Sign

Also, here are a few ideas for placing bandit signs high up and out of reach of the self-appointed sign police and your competitors. Yes, there are people out there who think they have a better understanding of what is right and what is wrong so they will be trying to remove your signs.

You could:

Buy a sign stapler for long reach to get signs up as high as 10 feet off the ground.

Or, buy a sign nailer made by the same company that makes the stapler. We have used a similar nailing product and liked it. We have not used a stapler product so we can’t advise on how good it works.

Or you could make a homemade long reach stapler from materials bought at Home Depot.

If you do decide to use a sign nailer, you should also consider buying your signs with horizontal flutes for higher sign strength when resisting wind loads.

We hope this info helps you out with your sign campaigns.

Always make sure you know your local laws with regard to placing Bandit Signs.

John and Scot